End the Confusion between Basic Types of Essays

Every other week you might get a new assignment to work on? A new type of essay to write. We completely understand that everything feels like at sixes and sevens.

But you can’t skip it right?



The four different types of essays expository, persuasive, analytical, and narrative essay are giving a headache to students. They just can’t take it and wish a free essay writer for life.

Cool your pits! This blog will shun all your worries away!

There are a variety of essays, if I start telling you, you might hit the ground. But if I clear you about four major types of essays, you will never need to pay for essay.

Essentially there are four major types of essays, you keep the differences as a reminder!

Major Types of Essays

Let me tell you one basic thing. Every essay serves a different purpose. It is all about determining the goal of the writer. Does the writer want to share something? Does the writer want to convince the audience? Does the writer want to describe or explain an issue?

This is how these essays differ from each other. Now you will better understand the types mentioned below.

1. Expository Essays:

This type of essay serves to present a balanced analysis of a topic. You may consider it an informative piece of writing.

Your only job in this essay, you need to explain a topic, deliver some facts and figures and examples. That's it!

It is a fee of writer's opinions and personal feelings.

It takes many forms such as the cause and effect essay, compares and contrast essays and process essay for instance "how-to" type of essays.

Keep one thing in mind, this persuasive essay topics must be written in the third form. Since you are not sharing any experiences or ideas.

2. Narrative Essays

This is the most interesting form of essay. You have to act as a storyteller. Among all types of essay writing, this one is my favorable.

A narrative essay serves to tell the story of any experience. It sounds as easy as ABC but it demands creativity. You can't search for information to reproduce.

Sit back, relax and think about the minute details, if you are writing a narrative essay.

Due to the nature of this essay, it is written in the first form. “I” is used to keep the reader engaged and involved in the story.

3. Persuasive Essays

Unlike other types of essays, a persuasive essay topics has one goal, to convince the reader towards a certain viewpoint.

For this type of essay, most of the students run after an essay writing service.

You can easily complete this by taking a stance and supporting your position with some credible evidence, that's it!

4. Analytical Essay

This essay seeks you to present some argument and then analyze it systematically throughout the essay.

For instance, you have to analyze a piece of art, a movie, or an event. You will go in minute details.

Remember simply summarizing will not do the job!

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Enjoy and thank us later!