Four types of essay: expository, persuasive, analytical, argumentative

The major types of academic writing include expository, persuasive, analytical, and argumentative essay. However, if you find it difficult to comprehend the difference between these types then you should take help from the free essay writer. His templates would give you an insight into the different types of essays.

Anyhow, you may get a central idea of what these four types of writings represent by just flicking through what I write here:

1. Expository Essay: Expository essays are one of the most common types of essay where you dig into a given topic. In an expository essay, you will come up with an idea and then will investigate that idea by analyzing the evidence. As far as the structure of an expository essay is concerned then it follows a particular format.

  • A clear-cut thesis statement in the very first paragraph. It’s up to you where you find it suitable to place the expansive thesis statement in the first paragraph.
  • The transition must be black and white. If your instructor finds any grey area in the transition between introduction, body and, conclusion then it could be a perfect storm for you to sail through.
  • Provide a shred of evidence in the support of your thesis in each paragraph of the body.
  • In a concluding paragraph expand on your thesis by conferring the evidence you revealed. Remember! You need not repeat your thesis in conclusion.

2. Persuasive Essay: Persuasive essay is all about the exploration of a topic. Writing a persuasive essay, you are going to collect the evidence and evaluate it. The structure for a persuasive essay topics is the same as we have for expository essay. The only difference is, in persuasive you will take a stand, either against the topic or in favor of it.

Don’t forget to include your opinion concerning the evidence you present. Persuasive could follow the five-paragraph format, however, there are longer persuasive essays that includes more than five paragraphs.

This is probably the most difficult type of essay, for you have to convince the reader regarding your take on the topic. So, I suggest you to ask any essay writing service to get you prompts for persuasive essay.

3. Analytical Essay: If you have never written an analytical essay then it could be a daunting chore for you. What you have to do in the very first place is to comprehend the objective of an analytical essay and what does it require from you. Analytical essay simply requires to give an argument about the topic you have selected to analyze. So, to analyze the topic you first have to break it down into parts. Following that provide the reader with evidence; the evidence could be your research or you can use the work of others as a piece of evidence to support your claim.

4. Argumentative Essay: This type of essay is a lot more in-depth coupled with well-inquired data. You can use both primary as well as secondary sources for data collection. Sometimes, while writing an argumentative essay you will be required to cover some of the points that may clash with your take on the issue or the topic. The construction of argumentative remains the same as we have discussed for expository and persuasive essays topics. However, there is an exception to its structure i.e. the inclusion of counterpoints that support the other side of your claim.

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